Beat Home Seller Stress

is-it-friday-yet-1239465With the return of a motivated market more and more people in Idaho are looking to sell their homes.

One thing many home sellers, especially those new to the process, are surprised by is the stress that can come with selling a home – the showings, the appointments, and of course the paperwork – but fortunately selling your home doesn’t have to be the cause of your next mental break. We’ve put together these great tips to help you stop the stress!

Stay Excited
Once the ball gets rolling and you’re caught up in the planning and packing it can be easy to get overwhelmed and forget the excitement you felt when you first began. So hold tight to the reasons for this move that are positive and focus on the new space. Take things one at a time and don’t let yourself get buried – just breathe.

Make Time
For you. For the family. For taking two seconds to take two seconds. It’s important to make the time in your busy schedule for just connecting to the things in your life that make you happy and are also very likely one of the larger reasons for your move. Take time to make time.

Jitters Are Okay
It’s completely normal to feel nervous over excited when you stop and think of how big a change you’re making. New place, new stuff, new everything – Ack! It can all be a little bit much to handle and it’s perfectly okay to question yourself and even feel a little unsure. Talk to your loved ones about your emotional concerns, voice them to your agent and talk about any other concerns as well.

Procrastinating Preparation
Don’t put things off that need done, but if your move isn’t coming up fast don’t make yourself crazy trying to rush into things – you’re more likely to make mistakes that way. Organize a list of tasks, create a timeline of when those tasks need to start and be completed, and then go from there. This will help you get a broad overlook of the journey ahead and know exactly how much rush you need to put on things.

These are some simple personal things you can do to de-stress during your home selling process. There are of course any number of tasks in themselves that need to be done – stopping utilities, moving mail, etc – so be sure to keep them in mind as you prepare for you move. Talk to your chosen real estate agent as well, they are sure to have information to help you along the way!

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Buying A Home: It’s More Than Price!

LivingRoomWhen it comes to buying a home the old adage is location, location, location and then of course: price!

Truth be told, much like with any purchase, there is a lot to consider well beyond just the price of the home when you’re looking into buying. Another old adage: you get what you pay for – and that’s not to say there aren’t plenty of bargains to be had, but do you really want to pick the place you’ll be spending at least the next several years just because it cost less? Let’s hope not.

Here are some other important factors to think about when buying a home!

The Neighborhood
This goes back to that location location bit. The community your home is in can be a big part of your satisfaction with your new place, after all the people around you will be a part of your every day life for a while. It’s best then if the neighbors are friendly, the neighborhood powers that be are mindful without being overbearing and that generally the neighborhood itself is neighbor-GOOD. Consider too the amenities in and around the community, is there a park or other things that make the location appealing? Make sure your new neighborhood suits your tastes and lifestyle.

Closet space, kitchen space, storage space, a place for everything and everything in it’s place and where in the world will we put the dog bed?! The available space of the home you’re looking at buying is a very important thing. Just imagine buying a car after a casual test drive and then finding out that it actually doesn’t have a trunk…or a backseat…this is a similar experience to not thinking about how much space you’ll need before you buy. Don’t leave yourself open to having to rent additional off-site storage just so you have a spot to put everything.

The Commute
Once you’ve narrowed down the area you want to live in it’s a really good idea to think about the daily commute. Whether it’s just to and from work or the route to groceries and other needed shopping spots you should likely drive the distance between these places and your prospective home to really get a feel for how the drive will impact you. Not just the distance and time itself but also the traffic volumes and how weather may change the overall time needed to get where you want to go.

These are just three things you may have not considered; there are plenty of reasons other than price and location to think about when buying your next home. Let us help you make your next move the right one – get in touch today!

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Can’t Find Homes In Boise? GO WEST!

Wild_Rose_parkReal estate inventory has made things very interesting here in our little valley!

Over the last few years we’ve seen things move from a place that we weren’t so happy about, into a bustling industry again, and now even a return to a sellers market – but this creates it’s own challenge: growing pains.

There are only so many available homes and new construction is having a tough time catching up with the boom of growth, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still great homes available if you’re looking to buy.

Go WEST! ( or East if you’re coming from the other direction) To Emmett!
Emmett Idaho is a wonderful growing community located just a stones throw from the big city life in BoDo; it offers a slower pace of life and a great opportunity to connect with the small town wonders that make living worth while.

We here at Evans Realty have been a part of this great town for years and we love calling it home! As agents who are familiar with the area we can provide great insight into the details of daily life, questions about local things to do, and all the things that make Emmett a place to consider when looking for homes. Whether you’re looking to retire and while away those golden years or are a young family seeking that quiet town to raise the kids, Emmett has something to offer.

Take a look at our featured Emmett Idaho homes here or start a search to find the homes you want anywhere in Southwest Idaho!

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4 Great Reasons to Move to Idaho

idaheartsIt’s a secret so good that many almost hesitate to tell others about – Idaho is an untapped wonderland of opportunity.

So far, the plan is working pretty well, but some times people just can’t help themselves while and while talking to family or friends, or on vacation they let it slip: Idaho is pretty amazing!

Don’t believe us? Well, here’s just 4 great reasons to call it home:

Wide Open Spaces
There’s plenty of elbow room here! While larger cities like Boise and Meridian have seen explosive growth, nonetheless they remain less densely packed with people as does the state itself. Even in towns that have a big population communities tend to be laid out in a more spread out fashion.

Cost of Living
In this economy there’s not much of anything you can say it cheap anymore, but Idaho overall comes in just slightly lower than the rest of the country when it comes to cost of living. While some amenities like gas do run a little higher than coastal cities food and other necessities tend to be more affordable.

Everything is fairly close by – even if you’re out in the rural areas. Particularly in Southwest Idaho, you can drive about an hour in any direction and find what you need — even if it’s just a total change of scenery. Nothing is very far away; you can enjoy the unique experiences of hiking a remote trail or rafting a raging river in the morning and taking in world class dining and entertainment in the evening.

If you love the outdoors this will be the point that drives home. Idaho is a nature lovers dream come true! Canyons and deserts in the south ,mountain forests in the central and northern parts of the state, along with rivers everywhere in between you will never run out of things to do. Hiking, fishing, rafting, camping, skiing – the Gem State has something for every season and every level of skill, even if you’re idea of “getting out” is just sitting with your feet in the river and taking in the day.

This isn’t even scratching the surface when it comes to why we love our great state! Among one of the greater things is just the people themselves. Folks in Idaho are down to earth, friendly, and glad to be of help to their neighbors and visitors. We’d love for you to become both – contact us today to find out how we can help you come to call Idaho home!

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Home Hunting? Here’s Some Help!

idaho homes for saleJust getting started looking for a home can be the biggest challenge! We always recommend starting as far out from the actual time you’ll need to be moving as possible, which will remove a lot of the pressure to be in a rush, but there are plenty of other things to consider before jumping into home buying.

Now, we know there’s plenty of places to get advice on how to go about this – mom, dad, friends, and every other person you know – but we’re taking a different approach by presenting tips from REALTORS® themselves on how to start your home search the right way.

Work with a good agent
That’s a no brainer – especially coming from an agent! But truly, the agent you choose can greatly impact how successful, or stressful, your transaction process will be. First and foremost pick an agent that’s qualified and has knowledge of the industry – beyond that make sure their personality is a good fit for you and that they can provide the help you’ll need along the way.

Get out from behind the screen
A picture is worth a thousand words and it’s easy to view thousands and thousands of homes online without ever having to leave your home – but that’s the problem. Even if the seller is honest and hasn’t doctored photos or shot from angles to only show the good parts of the house you can only tell so much from pictures on the web. Find the homes you might like online, make a list, and then make some time to visit them with your agent.

Meet the neighbors
If at all possible meet the neighbors while you are checking the house out as they will be YOUR neighbors when the house becomes yours. Having neighbors you can at least tolerate will make the time in your home much more harmonious. If nothing else at least spend some extra time, maybe walking around the neighborhood, to get a feel for the community.

Compromise where you can – Hold firm everywhere else
Sometimes perfection doesn’t look like what you expect. To get the best location you may have to compromise on features or other elements – and that’s OK. Just make sure you know what items are able to be budged on and what items are deal breakers. Basement unfinished? That’s a compromise you can do. Electrical plugs in the shower, not so much.

There are any number of things to think about when you’re out there searching for the perfect place – it can really be a jungle! But you don’t have to navigate it alone – our team of professional agents would love the opportunity to help you find your dream home. Get started by seeing what’s available on our Idaho homes website!

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Home Upgrades That PAY!

emmett idaho homesThinking of selling your home? Even if that’s a far off thought there are a number of upgrades you can make to your house that will improve your quality of living while you are there and also add a pretty penny to your return on investment when it comes time to sell later on.

Not all upgrades are created equal however! So we’ve prepared a list of some of the best ones to choose in order to get the most bang for your buck.

Hardwood Floors
Carpet is nice, and was once all the rage, but hardwood is where it’s at for the long term. It’s easy to maintain, gives a great look to the home, and is easy to replace as well. Unless you have indoor doggies hardwood is a really great option and can add value to your home.

The Master Suite
Nothing says opulence like the private oasis that can be the master bathroom. If you’re limited on budget and can only hit one room at a time, this is the one to do. Update fixtures, or add a upgraded soaker tub – there are any number of ways to add some pizzazz to your home in this room.

Finish The Basement
Sure, the kids love being able to draw all over the sheet rock and the concrete floors are easy to maintain…but you could really add some dollar signs to your sales price by finishing that basement. Think theater room, think game room, think about making it anything except an unfinished hangout for the kids or a place to throw your Winter gear.

Maybe you can’t afford to do an entire room, or several rooms, right now. You can still upgrade the lighting in your home and see a big difference. Lights really set the mood, so consider changing fixtures and bulbs and talk to your local home service pro about options to change the atmosphere using light – it’s more than just bulbs. Upgrading the lighting, much like fixtures, is something you can change in each room of the house without the full cost of remodeling whole areas.

Thinking about selling your home in Idaho? We’d love to help you find the perfect buyers and get it sold F A S T! Contact your trusted agents at Evans Realty LLC today to see what we can do to help!

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Things to Fix Before You List!

emmett idaho homesWith the return of a seller’s market here on the Idaho real estate scene long time fence riders are showing more and more interest in selling.

It’s no wonder, with inventory being low and mortgage rates still affordable it’s a great time to buy a home and an even better time to sell one – but there are a few things to consider before listing your home to make it a sales success story!

Curb Appeal
You know what they say about good first impressions? Well, they’re right! The curb appeal of your home is easily the first thing potential buyers will notice when they arrive to view your home – therefore make sure that first impression is it’s very best. Clear the yard of clutter, and take some time to keep up on the landscaping as a good place to start.

Your Kitchen
The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it’s important it be welcoming. Take care of any repairs that need attention like a dripping faucet or fault stove fan. If it’s in the budget you may even consider updating this area to include newer counter tops or appliances as well.

Flooring is just about the biggest feature of your home next to the walls that hold it up, yet flooring also often gets overlooked. It’s no less important though; you want to make sure it’s in tip top shape. Hire a professional to clean carpets if you have them, consider refinishing or repairing hardwood floors if they need attention as well.

Last but not least, the bathrooms. Another easy to overlook room that actually fields most of the heavy traffic and wear and tear in your home. Look for any water staining, damage to cabinets or tiles as well. Your bathrooms are also often one of the easiest rooms to freshen up with just some light inexpensive changes as well.

If you’re thinking of selling one of the best ways to get ready is to prepare your home to be viewed. Whether it’s just a simple clean up or a more extensive remodel taking the time to put your best face forward for potential buyers is never a bad idea. If you’re thinking of selling your home in Idaho contact us – we’d love to help you make your next move the best one!


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