Sell Your Home This Holiday

beanieThe holidays aren’t always thought of as the best time to list a house for sale, but it’s not always the case. Yes, while selling a house in Winter when the weather has you feeling a bit down may be a little more challenging in some instances, it may also come with upsides as well.

For one, most people looking to buy a home during this time are motivated and serious about buying – usually wanting to try and be in their new home by the new year. Additionally there will be fewer homes available on the market during this time, lowering the competition.

Before you get started find a qualified professional to work with, and in the meant time consider these tips to help you along the way:

Did We Mention: Hire A Pro
What we mean by this is not only someone licensed in real estate but also someone who is experienced and handles themselves professionally. You want an agent that goes the extra mile, not one that leaves you stranded in the snow two weeks before Christmas with no updates on progress. This is the first, best tip as working with a professional agent will help make the process and your holidays less stressful.

Deck The Halls – But Don’t Go Nuts
It’s okay to enjoy your holiday decorations, but maybe don’t go full Griwswald family if you’re in the middle of trying to sell. Decorations are fine, just keep it to tactful and tasteful without causing a power brown out from all the lights and you’ll be fine – anything too over the top may be a turn off to potential buyers.

Motivated Buyers
If you took the first bit of advice about working with a professional the buyers shouldn’t be too far behind. Be patient though, it is the holidays, so it might be a bit slow on the numbers of buyers who come in, but the good news is that chances are many more of them will be more motivated.

Keep A Warm Hearth
Make your home feel warm and cozy, especially on those colder days. Maybe have some quiet seasonal music on and some holiday snacks out in the kitchen. Turn on a winter spice candle warmer. Entice buyers to spent a little more time inside the house enjoying it’s warmth and comfort to let them imagine what it might be like to call it home themselves.

Selling your home during the holidays can be a challenge – but it can be done! If you’re interested in help selling your home before the new year contact us to see how we can help!

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